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    Consulting and Ordering

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      As AlfaGlobal, we are taking an innovative initiative for the export of raisins and dried figs, expanding its activities by adopting a new sales policy. According to the demands of our company's customers, we provide the best dried figs and raisins with modern packaging, quality and reliable service to all over the world. We are here to provide you with quality dried figs and raisins and to serve you in ordering our products. We strongly believe that the success of every trading group lies in the satisfaction of its customers. You can reach us by leaving your contact information in the information form on our website.


      Raisins are obtained from the drying of a certain part of the fresh grapes grown every year in the world, and a crop of approximately 1.2 million tons is provided annually. 1200 grape varieties are grown in the fertile soils of our country; It is also in the 1st place in production. Seedless and especially "Sultani" type raisins are the product varieties that are subject to Turkey's world trade and have the most importance in export. Almost all of the exports consist of products with these qualities.


      The fig is a fertile and typical fruit of the Mediterranean coast, which spreads from its homeland Anatolia to Syria, Palestine, China and India. Although many fig varieties are grown in Turkey, it is considered to be one of the most suitable for drying in the world with its crop size, taste, fleshy structure, light color and soft skin, called "Yellow Lop". For the production of dried figs, after the collection process is completed, they are laid on pillows made of wood or metal or on cardboard boats and dried under the sun for 2-4 days. Afterwards, the figs purchased by the suppliers are subjected to processes such as washing, cleaning and handling under UV light for aflatoxin control against product deterioration before being processed in the facilities. 65% of the world's dried fig exports are made from our country and it ranks first in this regard.