Grapes dried under the sun without dipping process become dark in color and they are called “Thompson” grapes. Grape is a nutrient with high caloric value due to its high sugar content. Despite its high calorie content, it is an ideal diet food because it contains very low amounts of fat and protein. In addition, it is rich in minerals such as calcium, potassium, sodium and iron, as well as in some vitamins. It is also considered an important source of vitamins A, B1, B2, C.

Thompson Grapes is the most important raisin variety needed by the world markets.

Thompson raisins are produced from the best quality seedless grapes of the year.

Thompson grapes are sun-dried without any pretreatment or preservatives.

It is the dried fruit of seedless fresh grapes of the Vitis Vinifera L. species. Fresh grapes collected from the vines in the vineyards are dipped in a mixture containing olive oil and potassium to accelerate the drying process and dried under the sun using natural methods. The color of the grapes dried with this method becomes lighter and dries in a shorter time.

Fresh grapes are spray dried with a drying solution and then shade dried by the farmer.

The drying solution helps preserve the light brown color in the raisins and is then thoroughly washed.

Sultana raisins have the natural sweetness and concentrated nutrients of grapes with less water.

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There are high levels of potassium and calcium vitamins in raisins. 


It helps to clean the liver, remove toxins and work with high performance.


It prevents the formation of blood pressure and vascular diseases by regulating blood pressure.


It prevents the formation of blood pressure and vascular diseases by regulating blood pressure.


It has antioxidant properties.


It protects cell structures against destruction. In this way, it has an anti-aging effect and also benefits the immune system.